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WARD 8 DISCRETIONARY FUND Contact the local Ward manager, Helen Ross. Please click here for more information about Ward discretionary funds.


The Beinn Tharsuinn Community Wind Farm Fund (BTWCF) is a fund for eligible projects in 10 Community Council areas. The Council areas are Kiltearn, Ardross, Alness, Invergordon, Kilmuir and Logie Easter, Tain, Edderton, Ardgay, Creich, Dornoch.


Funding must benefit at least one of the ten communities and cannot be used for any of the following :- • Political, religious, entertainment or hospitality purposes • Any purpose adverse to CRE Energy Ltd’s interest in the Windfarm • To finance or replace any service that we are obliged to provide • Acquiring or assisting in the acquisition of any part of the windfarm site community Community Councils may apply criteria to reflect local priorities. (Currently KALECC gives preference to applications under one thousand pounds and which demonstrate clear community support)


The application form is straight forward and can be downloaded by clicking here. Please note the following: • All applications should be made on the official application form • The Council then decides whether to support funding applications made for projects within their area. • Applicants are advised to contact the Community Council to discuss proposals before applying. We look forward to hearing from you about projects. Download a PDF of this information by clicking here